​“EzyScience was initially purchased to support homework for our GCSE Science students. This was reasonably well embedded by the start of the period of school closures, and it has allowed students to work independently.

During the closures it became incredibly useful to support learning remotely and the ability to monitor student progress during live lessons significantly increased engagement.  Teachers delivered the content through live lessons and students would then complete assessments live and could be supported by their own teachers where this was required or use the question feedback videos.

What was really useful was the Question Level Analysis grids that allowed staff to identify areas of weakness that were common across the class and immediately provide feedback to improve understanding. One of the biggest advantages of EzyScience is the that every assessment is marked automatically, and students receive immediate feedback at the time through the support videos. Staff can then use the gained time to analyse the areas of weakness and focus on the subject areas to work on”.

“Ezy has been a huge help for us during the pandemic.  It already plays a central role in our provision and we were able to continue this seamlessly over the last 12 months to help with distance learning.  It has taken the pressure off trying to deliver new material in online sessions and meant that distance learning tasks that we set could be more engaging for the students and focus on development of skills.  I also think that it has been a genuine source of comfort to Yr13 students; we’ve fluctuated between full time, blended and distance learning, but their use of EzyEconomics has been consistent throughout and I think the usage data attests to that.”

Ian Smith, Asst.Director of Faculty, Head of Economics

“After the first closure of schools we realised we needed to change and encourage more independent work. EzyScience has helped us to do this and as the activity has picked up I have noticed significant changes in the way our team and students work. The remote support and troubleshooting helped us to familiarise and hit the deck running last May. The activity we have experienced has a been incredible. Although the challenges vary between classes we have been able to vary the application of EzyScience to make sure everyone keeps moving forward.”

Ryan Sandford: Head of Science

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